Tuesday, March 9, 2010


My kids are so lucky to have tons of cousins to hang out with!

Roasting by the fire!

Jaxon, Derek, and Ethan! little buddies!

They wore each other out!

Easter 2009

Shannon and Brenda and Rhett and Jeanette and their families were here. We did Easter Egg hunts at Lyndi's park.

We decorated Easter Eggs!

I didn't talk enough pictures.

Princesses and Super Heroes!

Princess or Super Hero????

Lots of Company!!!!!

Uncle Keith

Making cinnamon rolls with Grandma Jensen

Uncle Randy and new niece Bella! :)

Hailey LOVES uncle Keith. She talks about him no-stop!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Summer Fun!

I came home to find Derek and Hailey running through the sprinklers in their underwear! They were having a blast! Good thing their Dad is in charge sometimes because I would have never let them do that! :)

One thing I love about Arizona is all the swimming we do!

We spent most of this summer swimming with Emily's kids. They were having a blast with Uncle Keith!

Jayden at Swim Team!

Jayden turned out to be a really good swimmer! And he loved it!

Quite the Ladies-Man!

MaMa.... One of his many fans! Judd's mom.

My 10 Year Reunion

This is one of my best childhood friends, Chantelle. We went to elementary, middle and high school together. We met up for lunch and caught up on each others lives.

The Girls

These were my best friends in High School. We have kept in touch and I love all of these girls!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

MOM Get it Right!!!

Today, as usual, I was in a hurry to get my kids off to school. So I got both sets of their contacts out to put them in their eyes. Somehow, (this has never happened before) I put one of Jayden's contacts in Hailey's eyes. She was telling me, "Mom I can't see", over and over. I just thought she was trying to complain so I went on to put Jayden's contacts in. That is when I realized what I had done because one of Jayden's contacts was missing. So I asked Hailey which eye she could not see out of and fixed her problem. Then I put Jayden's contacts in. Then he starts complaining that he can't see. I thought he was messing with me but I was wondering if I hadn't got it right with Hailey. Finally, he convinces me to check his eyes. I had put both of his contacts in the same eye. Luckily it was nothing damaging. I was wondering if I was loosing it. Shhhhh, Don't tell the eye doctor that I did that. I will be more careful from now on.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Do we celebrate April Fools Day in Heaven??????

Happy Birthday Hailey!!!

I love this little girl so much but I truly wonder sometimes if she will be the end of me! Her due date was supposed to be on the 25th of March but she would not come and then on the 31st of March the doctor finally induced me and she still didn't come until the next day! April Fools Day! I was so worried that the joke would be on her for the rest of her life with a birthday like that. But I really wonder if the Joke is on me. Heavenly Father has a sense of humor right???? She is so stubborn and independent. Hard for me! Luckily she is all worth it. She is so sweet too! I just love her so much and hope I can overcome my weakness to be the mother she deserves. I know she will need her independent personality in her life...I need to help her embrace it.

This little girl loves Animals and thanks to the Hastings her birthday dream came true!!! We were able to go there and ride horses! We brought our family and I let Hailey pick two friends, she picked Indi and Reese. Luckily, they could come on Family night! Katie really spoiled Hailey, letting her go around as many times as she wanted! Thank you so much Scott and Katie!!!!
Hailey has been playing a lot with her friend Reese! She has not really had a friend, where they play at each others houses. She has always played really well with her cousins, but it is nice to have someone in the neighborhood to just have over to play for a bit. It is a definite milestone for her.

Happy Birthday my sweet Hailey!!!

Hailey's party wasn't on her birthday so I took her and Reese to McDonald's to eat and...


Spring Break...Funny Story

Jayden loves his cousins so much!.... all of them. Well, during spring break he was with Megan and Kayla the whole week. One morning Jayden said to me, "Mom I have a crush on Megan." "What!" I said. Then I had to explain to him that he couldn't have a crush on his cousin. Funny! I know that he has had crushes before, but I didn't know he knew what a crush was. Yikes!

My sisters boy Jaxon is only two months younger that Derek and they are really starting to love playing with each other. So Cute.

My kids, Lena's kids, and Emily's kids at the park. I had them all by myself. They were so good that is was fun.